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In 1908. the spread of credit unions has reached the United States. In 1935 President Roosevelt signed the state Charter on credit unions, which became a law. Borrowing rate for the credit union is a source of income to cover the administrative costs. All excess funds are returned to members in the form of dividends on savings. Credit unions attract people in the first place by the opportunity to get cash loan (credit) - quickly and relatively inexpensively. In the U.S. credit unions timely and full repayment of loans is a common phenomenon. Unpaid and delinquent loans are not more than 3% of their amount. At the organization of the credit union it is important that people know each other and know the extent to which each of them is trustworthy. Standards by which credit unions build their work do not coincide with the standards and regulations of consumer cooperation of the usual type.

Credit Union money transfer agent location