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In the UK, credit unions are a source of financing of people groups. This tool is not widely used. Credit union is created by a group of members who pursue a common interest. Agreeing to make regular contributions, they create a fund from which can borrow money for investments and replenishment of working capital at favorable interest rates. Is necessary that all shareholders of the credit union were members of a single community, would know each other well enough to enjoy mutual trust. When organizing the credit union it is important that people know each other and know the extent to which each of them is trustworthy. Cooperation between credit unions, how they would not have been named, took place always, from the moment when the movement moved outside one credit union. Membership in the credit union is voluntary and is open to all citizens bound by with joint work or residence, who wished to create a credit union to use its services and are willing to take on relevant commitments and responsibilities.

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