Money transfer agent locations

Fund of Mutual Financial Aid of the credit union can be extended by sponsorship contributions from businesses, organizations, including on a returnable basis. The value of credit unions is not limited to the role of the economic agent - they are an important element of the social structure and a factor of social stability and progress. Credit union promotes the effective conservation of personal funds of its members, giving them the loans from the funds of the credit union, as well as the sharing of savings in education, housing, health care and other programs of social support and social development of its members. In the U.S. credit unions timely and full repayment of loans is a common phenomenon. Unpaid and delinquent loans are not more than 3% of their amount. Cooperation between credit unions, how they would not have been named, took place always, from the moment when the movement moved outside one credit union. Credit unions of the open type are still controlled by their members, but at the same time provide services to people who are not its members (external customers).

Credit Union money transfer agent location