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Corporate credit unions are united on a cooperative basis in the Central Credit Union (US Central Credit Union). Most modern credit unions represent specialized consumer cooperatives of citizens associated by the principle of social community: place of work, place of residence, profession, or any other shared interest. The first credit union in the United States was founded in 1909. by the group of Franco-American Catholics in Manchester, New Hampshire, and was called "Cooperative Credit Association of St. Mary. " To reduce the risk of default on loans members of the credit union shall the joint guarantee. Over 30% of the assets of credit unions are investments in government securities, certificates of deposit of banks and savings loan associations, as well as in the parent credit unions, and other risk-free investments. Contributions from of shareholders in credit unions in no way can be considered as borrowed funds, they come from the shareholders and for the shareholders and can not be used to provide services to third parties. In the case of default the shareholder - individual will respond with its property and, in addition, is jointly and severally liable with the credit union's commitments. The right to use the services of the credit union have only its members. Credit unions historically formed as a special form of social support, initially taken upon themselves the social mission of protecting the interests of citizens in the field of financial services.

Members Alliance Federal Credit Union, Credit Union Location Columbus, Georgia

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Members Alliance Federal Credit Union
6270 Bradley Park Dr Columbus, GA 31904 Phone: (706) 327-7608
Routing number: 24493
Charter number: 261171299
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