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In 1908. the spread of credit unions has reached the United States. In 1935 President Roosevelt signed the state Charter on credit unions, which became a law. The uniqueness of credit unions is that they put together the principles and benefits of financial cooperatives, consumer cooperatives and mutual aid funds, born once by trade unions. Share contributions are transferred to the credit union on the basis of membership for the whole stay of a shareholder as member of the credit union and are the basis of membership. Until the 70's there was a proliferation of the U.S. credit unions due to the increase of their number and the number of shareholders, although it must be acknowledged that there was also and a qualitative growth. Over 30% of the assets of credit unions are investments in government securities, certificates of deposit of banks and savings loan associations, as well as in the parent credit unions, and other risk-free investments. Taking a decision to join a credit union, citizens create an organization through which they participate in the shared savings by mutual crediting and joint (collective) use of personal savings. Shareholders in corporate organizations are basic credit unions, besides the same union can be a shareholder of several corporate organizations. Unlike banks credit unions limit their activities to a closed circle of people. Corporate alliances are intermediaries between credit unions and financial markets.

M E A Federal Credit Union, Credit Union Location Columbus, Georgia

Name Contacts Info
M E A Federal Credit Union
6333 Whitesville Road Columbus, GA 31904 Phone: (706) 563-5002
Routing number: 14034
Charter number: 261172968
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