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First central bank of credit unions appeared in 1876. Credit unions began to appear rapidly in many European countries. Historically, credit unions have grown from the experience of credit cooperatives, but they took the experience of organizations of mutual aid of citizens by moving methods of social self-protection from labor and toward consumption. The relationship of shareholders with credit union are not client-based, they are co-operative, based on different principles and standards, in particular, on the principles of the law of obligations. Income received by the credit union shall be distributed among the shareholders or spent for the depreciation of services, that is, are the most effective means of meeting the needs of shareholders. Is necessary that all shareholders of the credit union were members of a single community, would know each other well enough to enjoy mutual trust. To get a loan in the credit union a shareholder must be not only a formally adopted there, but necessary pay in cash contributions, the amount and order of payment of which approved by the General Assembly and fixed by the charter.

Parker Community Credit Union, Credit Union Location Janesville, Wisconsin

Name Contacts Info
Parker Community Credit Union
2652 N. Lexington Dr. Janesville, WI 53547 Phone: (608) 754-7950
Routing number: 66992
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