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Historically, credit unions have grown from the experience of credit cooperatives, but they took the experience of organizations of mutual aid of citizens by moving methods of social self-protection from labor and toward consumption. Main share of credit unions assets is concentrated in loans (about 50%), while the share of consumer loans in commercial banks and finance companies active operations rarely exceeds 15%. The most common type of loans in credit unions are loans to purchase new and used cars (40%), followed by first mortgages and second mortgages (35%), about 10% are unsecured personal loans to member of unions and about 15% - are loans on credit cards and other loans. In the UK, credit unions are a source of financing of people groups. This tool is not widely used. Credit unions attract people in the first place by the opportunity to get cash loan (credit) - quickly and relatively inexpensively. Contributions from of shareholders in credit unions in no way can be considered as borrowed funds, they come from the shareholders and for the shareholders and can not be used to provide services to third parties. First Credit Union was savings unprofitable institution, or rather credit cooperative, providing services to its members. Credit unions encourage savings of citizens, setting compensation payments (interest) on savings and provide from these savings loans to their members. Cooperation between credit unions, how they would not have been named, took place always, from the moment when the movement moved outside one credit union.

Educational Employees Credit Union, Credit Union Location Janesville, Wisconsin

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Educational Employees Credit Union
2330 Kennedy Road Janesville, WI 53545 Phone: (608) 752-2242
Routing number: 66409
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