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Most modern credit unions represent specialized consumer cooperatives of citizens associated by the principle of social community: place of work, place of residence, profession, or any other shared interest. Since the early 80's started the process of consolidation of credit unions, leading to a decrease in their number with a simultaneous increase in the total number of members. The value of credit unions is not limited to the role of the economic agent - they are an important element of the social structure and a factor of social stability and progress. Credit Union - a non-profit financial institution specialized in mutual financial assistance by providing savings and credit services to their members. Borrowing rate for the credit union is a source of income to cover the administrative costs. All excess funds are returned to members in the form of dividends on savings.

Blackhawk Community Credit Union, Credit Union Location Janesville, Wisconsin

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Blackhawk Community Credit Union
2640 W Court Street Janesville, WI 53548 Phone: (608) 755-6055
Routing number: 66998
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