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Fees for money transfers for individuals, carried out via "Xpress Money", and additional information about this company you can look at the site of Xpress Money. Suren Hayriyan noted that with the implementation of the agreement between Unistream and Xpress Money, the system will not only strengthens its position in these areas, but also discovers a major stimulus for the development in both the operational and financial terms. Xpress Money is an Authorized Payment Institution (API), operating on the basis of a license of the Financial Regulation and Supervision (FSA). Now a modern, reliable and convenient system of Xpress Money has become available in Canada for those who need to send international money transfers within minutes.

Cebuana Lhuillier Services Corp - 30411 CLH Phase 2 Br, Xpress Money Locations Silang, Philippines

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CLH Phase 2 B-23 L-30 Phase 2-A Bulihan Silang, Cavite Bulihan Silang, Cavite, Luzon, Philippines
+63-46- 8902388
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