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To transfer money you does not need a bank account, it is sufficient to show the agent an identity document: passport or driving license of international standard. After the payment of funds to the recipient, "Xpress Money" notifies the sender with the help of free SMS-messages. Worldwide, the company Xpress Money is known for its reasonable price to pay for making transfers and competitive exchange rates. Suren Hayriyan noted that with the implementation of the agreement between Unistream and Xpress Money, the system will not only strengthens its position in these areas, but also discovers a major stimulus for the development in both the operational and financial terms. It was announced and that the the club card Xpress Money Priceless, which was successfully introduced into circulation in the UAE earlier this year, will now run throughout the Cooperation Council for the Gulf States in the deployment of this program in 2012. On the territory of the Emirates, Xpress Money has its head office and operates more than 140 of their own offices. The new image of Xpress Money was presented at the ceremonial dinner in Dubai, October 31, 2011. At this memorable event were large shareholders, VIP-guests and partners, agents from around the world. Speaking of the key points, COO Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty said: "We started with a simple model of" cash-cash "and now Xpress Money has a whole range of products, taking into account the diverse needs of our clients". Vinesh Venugopal Nair, marketing director of Xpress Money, said: "We not only help our clients to maintain contact with their families, but also become a part of life of communities that serve. We are actively supporting people in need around the world." On the territory of the Emirates is headquartered Xpress Money Services and operates more than 140 of their own offices.

Cebuana Lhuillier Services Corp - 60372 CLH Limay 2 Direct Payout Br, Xpress Money Locations Santiago, Philippines

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CLH Limay 2 141 Nangco, Santiago Bldgnational Road, Townsite, Limay, Bataan, Mindanao, Philippines
+63-47- 244-8458
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