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Money transfers by RIA Envia are carried out in over 110 thousands of RIA Envia agents in more than 130 countries all over the world. When sending money, a client has to take into account transfer time to the point of transfer payment and in general the difference in time on different continents. The strategy of RIA Money Transfers was aimed on developing of a system of international money transfers, insuring and helping migrant workers to transfer money home. RIA Envia is occupied with money transfers since 1987 and its main office is located in New York. The main advantage of the money trtansfer system RIA Envia are moderate client fees and extremely wide geography of a offices. In order send or receive wired money transfer via RIA Money Transfers neither the recipient nor the sender doesn't have to have any bank accounts. How to make money transfer using RIA Money Transfer - tell a number of transfer to the recipient and within 10 minutes it will be possible to get money.

7-Eleven Branch 15944 9365 JAMACHA BLVD, Ria money transfer Location SPRING VALLEY, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 15944 9365 JAMACHA BLVD, SPRING VALLEY
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