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The system of RIA Money Transfer works according according to the principles "speed, reliability and accuracy" in the implementation of money transfers. Use the service of international money transfers RIA Money Transfers - one of the world's leading money transfer system for individuals. The strategy of RIA Money Transfers was aimed on developing of a system of international money transfers, insuring and helping migrant workers to transfer money home. The company RIA Envia is a member of Euronet financial group and has a wide network of agents and branches in Europe and North and Latin America. RIA Money Transfer is operating in the sector of remittances since 1987, when it started to carry out money transfers from the U.S. to Latin America.

7-Eleven Branch 29795 2429 MISSION STREET, Ria money transfer Location SANTA CRUZ, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 29795 2429 MISSION STREET, SANTA CRUZ
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