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RIA Money Transfer system does not require to declare the purpose of your money remittance. How to obtain the remittance via RIA Money Transfer - fill out the form for transfer, specifying the registration number of the transfer, and produce a document proving your identity. General conditions of remittances via RIA Money Transfer: payment is carried out in cash, euros and U.S. dollars. Now RIA Envia is expanding actively on Asian market (particularly in the South-East), Oceania and Africa. Commission for the wired money money transfer is charged only from the sender, the recipient only gets money in one of the RIA Envia agent offices. When sending money via RIA Money Transfer, the sender should inform its exact passport data and contact numbers. All money transfers to the addressee are carried out in real time mode (on-line). Ria MoneyTransfer agent network includes over 10,000 branches in 74 countries, among which are almost all major countries from Europe (except Belgium), and America. RIA Money Transfer (RIA Envia) is the American system of money remittances, it is very democratic and intended only for international money transfers.

7-Eleven Branch 22645 450 ROCHELLE AVE, Ria money transfer Location ROCHELLE PARK, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 22645 450 ROCHELLE AVE, ROCHELLE PARK
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