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RIA Money Transfer system does not require to declare the purpose of your money remittance. How to obtain the remittance via RIA Money Transfer - fill out the form for transfer, specifying the registration number of the transfer, and produce a document proving your identity. Money transfers by RIA Envia are carried out in over 110 thousands of RIA Envia agents in more than 130 countries all over the world. Payment of transfers. Payment is made in cash in U.S. dollars, but you can get transfer also in Euro. Conversion of funds will then be made at the bank rate at the date of receipt of the transfer. In 2012 RIA launches allowing consumers to send money transfers online from the US and opens its hub in Santiago de Chile. RIA Money Transfer is operating in the sector of remittances since 1987, when it started to carry out money transfers from the U.S. to Latin America.

7-Eleven Branch 23520 23021 SUNNYMEAD, Ria money transfer Location MORENO VALLEY, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 23520 23021 SUNNYMEAD, MORENO VALLEY
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