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RIA Money Transfer system does not require to declare the purpose of your money remittance. If during the week you won't visit the bank and won't take money, sent via RIA Money Transfer, put the sender aware of this and he will be able to instantly withdraw money back. RIA Envia is occupied with money transfers since 1987 and its main office is located in New York. If sending a money transfer by RIA Money Transfer, the sender should report his precise data and contact numbers. RIA Envia is planning to develop its wired transfer service between the CIS countries (already connected to the bank systems of several countries). But for the present in these countries bank clients can only receive money transfers, sent from abroad via RIA Money Transfer. When sending money via RIA Money Transfer, the sender should inform its exact passport data and contact numbers. The company RIA Envia is a member of Euronet financial group and has a wide network of agents and branches in Europe and North and Latin America. Wired money transfer is available to the recipient as soon as from the main office of Ria Money Transfer comes a special order for the payment of money, and it usually takes only few minutes.

7-Eleven Branch 39514 1360 N Beckley St, Ria money transfer Location LANCASTER, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 39514 1360 N Beckley St, LANCASTER
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