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The main advantage of the money trtansfer system RIA Envia are moderate client fees and extremely wide geography of a offices. Use the service of international money transfers RIA Money Transfers - one of the world's leading money transfer system for individuals. Commission for the wired money money transfer is charged only from the sender, the recipient only gets money in one of the RIA Envia agent offices. When sending money via RIA Money Transfer, the sender should inform its exact passport data and contact numbers. All money transfers to the addressee are carried out in real time mode (on-line). In 2012 RIA launches allowing consumers to send money transfers online from the US and opens its hub in Santiago de Chile.

7-Eleven Branch 18020 304 EAST AVE I, Ria money transfer Location LANCASTER, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 18020 304 EAST AVE I, LANCASTER
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