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U.S. dollars and euros are the main currencies of money transfers, carried out by the system of RIA Envia. RIA Money Transfers - the third largest provider on the world market of money remittances for people. General conditions of remittances via RIA Money Transfer: the remittance fee is paid by the sender only, the payment of the transfer is free of charge. Ria Money Transfers provides money transfer services since 1987 and at the beginning of its activity the company specialized in servicing of the Hispanic community, which lived in the U.S. RIA Envia is occupied with money transfers since 1987 and its main office is located in New York. How to make money transfer using RIA Money Transfer - make your payment and compensate the cost of services. All money transfers to the addressee are carried out in real time mode (on-line). In 2012 RIA launches allowing consumers to send money transfers online from the US and opens its hub in Santiago de Chile. Ria MoneyTransfer agent network includes over 10,000 branches in 74 countries, among which are almost all major countries from Europe (except Belgium), and America.

7-Eleven Branch 32571 2220 ELKHART ROAD, Ria money transfer Location GOSHEN, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 32571 2220 ELKHART ROAD, GOSHEN
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