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General conditions of remittances via RIA Money Transfer: payment is carried out in cash, euros and U.S. dollars. RIA was founded in 1987 and it is today is one of the largest money transfer company in the world, with a global agent network. If the sender wishes, the unpaid money transfer will remain in the system for another week. The company RIA Envia is a member of Euronet financial group and has a wide network of agents and branches in Europe and North and Latin America. How to make money transfer using RIA Money Transfer - make your payment and compensate the cost of services. All money transfers to the addressee are carried out in real time mode (on-line). Wired money transfer is available to the recipient as soon as from the main office of Ria Money Transfer comes a special order for the payment of money, and it usually takes only few minutes. In order send or receive wired money transfer via RIA Money Transfers neither the recipient nor the sender doesn't have to have any bank accounts. When sending money or receiving a payment via RIA Envia a client wants to open the bank account, such account is opened by for free.

7-Eleven Branch 19873 8117-1 OCEAN GATEWAY, Ria money transfer Location EASTON, USA

Name 7-Eleven Branch 19873 8117-1 OCEAN GATEWAY, EASTON
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