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RIA Money Transfer system does not require to declare the purpose of your money remittance. When sending money, a client has to take into account transfer time to the point of transfer payment and in general the difference in time on different continents. Use the service of international money transfers RIA Money Transfers - one of the world's leading money transfer system for individuals. How to obtain the remittance via RIA Money Transfer - check with the sender's number and amount of payment. When sending money via RIA Money Transfer, the sender should inform its exact passport data and contact numbers. Fee for sending of the transfer via RIA Money Transfer will be charged at a rate from 2.5 to 4% of the amount transferred. RIA Money Transfer Service is going to expand its network to the CIS countries. Rates RIA Money Transfer. Cost of service is 2%-3% from the transfer amount. When sending money or receiving a payment via RIA Envia a client wants to open the bank account, such account is opened by for free. RIA Money Transfer (RIA Envia) is the American system of money remittances, it is very democratic and intended only for international money transfers.

Matagalpa Del Enel 1/2 Cuadra al Norte, Matagalpa, Ria money transfer Location Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Name Matagalpa Del Enel 1/2 Cuadra al Norte, Matagalpa, Matagalpa
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