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U.S. dollars and euros are the main currencies of money transfers, carried out by the system of RIA Envia. RIA Money Transfers - the third largest provider on the world market of money remittances for people. General conditions of remittances via RIA Money Transfer: payment is carried out in cash, euros and U.S. dollars. RIA Financial Services Company is a part of Euronet group and has a network of more than 100,000 agent locations in 120 countries across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The number of affiliates of RIA Money Transfer is constantly growing. For the current moment the company has more than 400 international partners. Money transfers by RIA Envia are carried out in over 110 thousands of RIA Envia agents in more than 130 countries all over the world.

Cd. Dario B.D.F. 2C. Al Este, Ria money transfer Location Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Name Cd. Dario B.D.F. 2C. Al Este, Matagalpa
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