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When sending money, a client has to take into account transfer time to the point of transfer payment and in general the difference in time on different continents. How to obtain the remittance via RIA Money Transfer - fill out the form for transfer, specifying the registration number of the transfer, and produce a document proving your identity. The system of RIA Money Transfer works according according to the principles "speed, reliability and accuracy" in the implementation of money transfers. Now RIA Envia is expanding actively on Asian market (particularly in the South-East), Oceania and Africa. The strategy of RIA Money Transfers was aimed on developing of a system of international money transfers, insuring and helping migrant workers to transfer money home. Originally Ria Money Transfer was servicing Latin American diaspora in the U.S. (hence the name). Fee for sending of the transfer via RIA Money Transfer will be charged at a rate from 2.5 to 4% of the amount transferred. RIA Money Transfer Service is going to expand its network to the CIS countries. General conditions the transfer via RIA Money Transfer: if the sending or payment of the transfer is carried out with the opening of the current account, the customer account is opened for free.

Temuco Antonio Varas 914, Ria money transfer Location Temuco, Chile

Name Temuco Antonio Varas 914, Temuco
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