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RIA Money Transfer system does not require to declare the purpose of your money remittance. RIA Money Transfer is one of the most popular money transfer systems in Europe and America. If sending a money transfer by RIA Money Transfer, the sender should report his precise data and contact numbers. RIA Envia is planning to develop its wired transfer service between the CIS countries (already connected to the bank systems of several countries). But for the present in these countries bank clients can only receive money transfers, sent from abroad via RIA Money Transfer. The strategy of RIA Money Transfers was aimed on developing of a system of international money transfers, insuring and helping migrant workers to transfer money home. RIA Money Transfer Service is going to expand its network to the CIS countries. How to make money transfer using RIA Money Transfer - make your payment and compensate the cost of services. Payment of transfers. Payment is made in cash in U.S. dollars, but you can get transfer also in Euro. Conversion of funds will then be made at the bank rate at the date of receipt of the transfer. When sending money or receiving a payment via RIA Envia a client wants to open the bank account, such account is opened by for free.

ABCDIN-Temuco Manuel Montt # 764, Ria money transfer Location Temuco, Chile

Name ABCDIN-Temuco Manuel Montt # 764, Temuco
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