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RIA Money Transfers - the third largest provider on the world market of money remittances for people. If sending a money transfer by RIA Money Transfer, the sender should report his precise data and contact numbers. The strategy of RIA Money Transfers was aimed on developing of a system of international money transfers, insuring and helping migrant workers to transfer money home. General conditions the transfer via RIA Money Transfer: if the sending or payment of the transfer is carried out with the opening of the current account, the customer account is opened for free. Wired money transfer is available to the recipient as soon as from the main office of Ria Money Transfer comes a special order for the payment of money, and it usually takes only few minutes. Payment of transfers. Payment is made in cash in U.S. dollars, but you can get transfer also in Euro. Conversion of funds will then be made at the bank rate at the date of receipt of the transfer. In 2012 RIA launches allowing consumers to send money transfers online from the US and opens its hub in Santiago de Chile. In order send or receive wired money transfer via RIA Money Transfers neither the recipient nor the sender doesn't have to have any bank accounts.

ABCDIN-Iquique Tarapacá # 601 al 605, esquina Ramírez, Ria money transfer Location Iquique, Chile

Name ABCDIN-Iquique Tarapacá # 601 al 605, esquina Ramírez, Iquique
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