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In the U.S. credit unions timely and full repayment of loans is a common phenomenon. Unpaid and delinquent loans are not more than 3% of their amount. The difference between credit unions and banks is clearly is apparent when comparing the structure of assets and liabilities of credit unions and banks. The main advantage of credit unions consists in transparency, controllability, governance for shareholders. Historically, credit unions have grown from the experience of credit cooperatives, but they took the experience of organizations of mutual aid of citizens by moving methods of social self-protection from labor and toward consumption. In some cases, the initiators of credit unions can be trade unions, associations such as social support centers and others. Credit unions base their activities on savings of shareholders, their shares and savings contributions, which make up the fund of mutual financial assistance - a source of cash loans to shareholders.

Our Community Credit Union, Credit Union Location Shelton, Washington

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Our Community Credit Union
526 W Cedar St Shelton, WA 98584 Phone: (800) 426-5657
Routing number: 68609
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