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Credit unions perform the function of social protection in a vital for people sphere of financial services. They care about improving the financial literacy of the population, are working on the formation of their members and their employees. Main share of credit unions assets is concentrated in loans (about 50%), while the share of consumer loans in commercial banks and finance companies active operations rarely exceeds 15%. The most common type of loans in credit unions are loans to purchase new and used cars (40%), followed by first mortgages and second mortgages (35%), about 10% are unsecured personal loans to member of unions and about 15% - are loans on credit cards and other loans. Contributions from of shareholders in credit unions in no way can be considered as borrowed funds, they come from the shareholders and for the shareholders and can not be used to provide services to third parties. Unlike banks credit unions limit their activities to a closed circle of people. Activity of the credit union consists of organizing mutual financial assistance by meeting the needs of its members in the services of saving and obtaining loans. Is necessary that all shareholders of the credit union were members of a single community, would know each other well enough to enjoy mutual trust. Credit Union - a non-profit financial institution specialized in mutual financial assistance by providing savings and credit services to their members. Until the 70's there was a proliferation of the U.S. credit unions due to the increase of their number and the number of shareholders, although it must be acknowledged that there was also and a qualitative growth.

Roanoke County Schools Federal Credit Union, Credit Union Location Salem, Virginia

Name Contacts Info
Roanoke County Schools Federal Credit Union
1340 Roanoke Blvd Salem, VA 24153 Phone: (540) 389-0438
Routing number: 10095
Charter number: 251483010
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