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Shareholders in corporate organizations are basic credit unions, besides the same union can be a shareholder of several corporate organizations. The difference between credit unions and banks is clearly is apparent when comparing the structure of assets and liabilities of credit unions and banks. Credit Union - one of the most attractive financial institutions for the public being a non-profit alternative to banks. The economic basis of credit unions - finances of a household. The main objective of the credit union - to ensure financial stability of a household, to ensure the priority of their shareholders' financial interests. In 1908. the spread of credit unions has reached the United States. In 1935 President Roosevelt signed the state Charter on credit unions, which became a law.

Sharon Credit Union, Credit Union Location Sharon, Massachusetts

Name Contacts Info
Sharon Credit Union
30 Pond Street Sharon, MA 02067 Phone: (781) 784-7725
Routing number: 67836
Charter number: 211385556
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