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Membership in the credit union is voluntary and is open to all citizens bound by with joint work or residence, who wished to create a credit union to use its services and are willing to take on relevant commitments and responsibilities. Historically, credit unions were preceded by widespread development of credit cooperation in many countries of Europe and America. Credit unions encourage savings of citizens, setting compensation payments (interest) on savings and provide from these savings loans to their members. In the U.S. credit unions timely and full repayment of loans is a common phenomenon. Unpaid and delinquent loans are not more than 3% of their amount. The main advantage of credit unions consists in transparency, controllability, governance for shareholders. The right to use the services of the credit union have only its members.

Del Monte Eastern Region Employees Federal Credit Union, Credit Union Location Rochelle, Illinois

Name Contacts Info
Del Monte Eastern Region Employees Federal Credit Union
803 Lincoln Ave Suite 4 Rochelle, IL 61068 Phone: (815) 562-2046
Routing number: 04832
Charter number: 271988184
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