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Most modern credit unions represent specialized consumer cooperatives of citizens associated by the principle of social community: place of work, place of residence, profession, or any other shared interest. Main share of credit unions assets is concentrated in loans (about 50%), while the share of consumer loans in commercial banks and finance companies active operations rarely exceeds 15%. The most common type of loans in credit unions are loans to purchase new and used cars (40%), followed by first mortgages and second mortgages (35%), about 10% are unsecured personal loans to member of unions and about 15% - are loans on credit cards and other loans. First Credit Union was savings unprofitable institution, or rather credit cooperative, providing services to its members. Typically new members of the credit union become citizens having suretyship or recommendations from their friends - members of the credit union. To reduce the risk of default on loans members of the credit union shall the joint guarantee. Shareholders in corporate organizations are basic credit unions, besides the same union can be a shareholder of several corporate organizations. Credit unions are financial institutions, financial cooperatives of citizens, and in this capacity they are above all associations of people, not unification of capitals, which is typical, for example, for public companies. Unlike banks, in order to use the services of a credit union, you have to become its member, having written an application and having paid thus shares and membership fee.

Edge Moor Dupont Employees Federal Credit Union, Credit Union Location Edge Moor, Delaware

Name Contacts Info
Edge Moor Dupont Employees Federal Credit Union
104 Hay Road Wilmington, DE 19809 Phone: (302) 761-2282
Routing number: 02080
Charter number: 231177058
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