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Taking a decision to join a credit union, citizens create an organization through which they participate in the shared savings by mutual crediting and joint (collective) use of personal savings. The main activities of credit unions, aimed at the organization of mutual aid and social support of citizens is not intended to profit. U.S. credit unions have another significant difference from the credit cooperatives of farmers: the first have major proportion of short-term loans, the second - long and mostly in real estate. Credit union promotes the effective conservation of personal funds of its members, giving them the loans from the funds of the credit union, as well as the sharing of savings in education, housing, health care and other programs of social support and social development of its members. Credit Union - a non-profit financial institution specialized in mutual financial assistance by providing savings and credit services to their members. When organizing the credit union it is important that people know each other and know the extent to which each of them is trustworthy. Corporate credit unions are united on a cooperative basis in the Central Credit Union (US Central Credit Union). Unlike banks, in order to use the services of a credit union, you have to become its member, having written an application and having paid thus shares and membership fee. The economic basis of credit unions - finances of a household. The main objective of the credit union - to ensure financial stability of a household, to ensure the priority of their shareholders' financial interests. Credit unions are financial institutions, financial cooperatives of citizens, and in this capacity they are above all associations of people, not unification of capitals, which is typical, for example, for public companies.

First Financial Credit Union, Credit Union Location West Covina, California

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First Financial Credit Union
1600 W. Cameron Ave West Covina, CA 91790 Phone: (626) 814-4623
Routing number: 68404
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