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Coinstar Money Transfer limits the time during which the recipient must take its money. As a rule, it is about 30-40 days. The receiver produces to the bank the original of identification card and Coinstar money transfer control number. Coinstar Money Transfer system is similar to Western Union - and compares favorably by more advantageous prices and ease of processing of the transfer. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: sum of one transfer may not exceed five thousand dollars or the equivalent (the amount may be lower depending on the recipient's country).

106100 KTB Somdet, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Somdet, THAILAND

Agent Contacts
106100 KTB Somdet, Somdet 416 Moo 2 Somdet 46150 66(0)4386-1917-8 M-F 08.30-16.30
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