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Low-cost technologies have allowed Coinstar Money Transfer to lower the cost of transfers. Company BPC and company Coinstar Money Transfer announced the implementation of innovative solution for the organization of intrabank and international money transfers for individuals - SmartVista MoneyTransfer. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: transfer fee - from 2% to 3%. Money transfers via Coinstar Money Transfer are made in U.S. dollars and Euro, without opening an account to the Client. The receiver produces to the bank the original of identification card and Coinstar money transfer control number. Transfers of Coinstar Money Transfer are lightning fast. Transfer can be claimed from the time when it was given a unique number. Company SoftCase and Coinstar Money Transfer announce a joint venture, which has already started the production of automated banking offices. Transfer fee is paid by a person who carries out money transfer via Coinstar Money Transfer, and varies from country to country. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: in case of return of the transfer, the commission is not returned to the sender.

Tanzania Investment Bank Ltd -, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Mwanza, TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA

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Tanzania Investment Bank Ltd -, Mwanza PPF Plaza Building 3rd Floor (Rear Wing) Kenyatta/Station Road.
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