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The sender can also send free short text message, together with a remittance Coinstar Money Transfer. Money transfers via Coinstar Money Transfer are made in U.S. dollars and Euro, without opening an account to the Client. Advantages of Coinstar Money Transfer - transfer does not take more than the one hour, which allows almost immediate money transfers. Unclaimed for a year Coinstar money transfers are returned to the sender on request. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: The system "Coinstar Money Transfer" allows to transfer money in U.S. dollars and Euro in most countries of the world. The benefits of transfers via Coinstar Money Transfer: currency of money transfer - USD, RUB and EUR. Sent transfer can be paid to the recipient in any service system of "Coinstar Money Transfer" free of charge.

Poczta Polska -4989 Urzad Pocztowy Tarnów Op, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Tarnów Opolski, POLAND

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Poczta Polska -4989 Urzad Pocztowy Tarnów Op, Tarnów Opolski ul. Dworcowa 2. 46-050 Monday - Friday: 09:00-17:00
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