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On June 1, 2007 the system "Travelex Money Transfer" has been changed its name to "Coinstar Money Transfer". Coinstar Money Transfer system is similar to Western Union - and compares favorably by more advantageous prices and ease of processing of the transfer. Money transfers by Coinstar Money Transfer - this product is designed to meet the latest technical solutions in the Internet - technologies that allows you to transfer money quickly, safely and cheaply. Coinstar Money Transfer made not only the proposal to expand the network through sales at bank branches, but also demonstrated the ready front-office solutions for the operating staff of banks. Coinstar Money Transfer ensures confidence, speed and convenience of money transfers. To send /receive money individuals are able at all offices of Coinstar Money Transfer worldwide. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: in case of return of the transfer, the commission is not returned to the sender.

LA POSTE - 1002072400 - Khemis Dades, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Souk Lakhmis Dades, MOROCCO

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LA POSTE - 1002072400 - Khemis Dades, Souk Lakhmis Dades Bd Mohamed V Souk Lakhmis Dades 45352 Ouarzazate. 44122 8:00 a 16:00
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