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Services "Coinstar Money Transfer" are available in more than 10,000 representative offices in 80 countries at affordable prices. The information that the client has sent or received a transfer by Coinstar Money Transfer, is banking secrecy. The Bank accepts and reviews complaints from customers regarding the services of Coinstar Money Transfer system in an expeditious manner, and on the complaints received in writing, informs the applicant about the decision in accordance with existing regulations. E-payment service Coinstar E-Payment, a division of Coinstar Money Transfer, entered into an agreement with the companies offering prepaid cards for Facebook and MySpace, as well as for the popular massively multiplayer online games. Coinstar Money Transfer system is similar to Western Union - and compares favorably by more advantageous prices and ease of processing of the transfer. Money transfers by Coinstar Money Transfer - this product is designed to meet the latest technical solutions in the Internet - technologies that allows you to transfer money quickly, safely and cheaply. Company SoftCase and Coinstar Money Transfer announce a joint venture, which has already started the production of automated banking offices. Until June 1, 2007 the system of "Coinstar Money Transfer" was called "Travelex Money Transfer".

Capital Bank Service Center - 930, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Ulaangom city, MONGOLIA

Agent Contacts
Capital Bank Service Center - 930, Ulaangom city Uvs province Ulaangom soum 3rd bag Em khangamj Company Building 976-04452-24555 09:00 - 18:00 Hrs
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