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Services "Coinstar Money Transfer" are available in more than 10,000 representative offices in 80 countries at affordable prices. The information that the client has sent or received a transfer by Coinstar Money Transfer, is banking secrecy. E-payment service Coinstar E-Payment, a division of Coinstar Money Transfer, entered into an agreement with the companies offering prepaid cards for Facebook and MySpace, as well as for the popular massively multiplayer online games. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: sum of one transfer may not exceed five thousand dollars or the equivalent (the amount may be lower depending on the recipient's country). System belongs to a very powerful financial corporations Coinstar, which is one of the world's developed processing companies and is engaged in addition to money transfers in travelers checks (Tomas Cook, and VISA), plastic cards, tax refunds and other financial services.

Posta Moldovei - Ratus (Telenesti) Br (USD), Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Ratus, MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA

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Posta Moldovei - Ratus (Telenesti) Br (USD), Ratus Ratus. +373 (258) 7-12-33 M-F 8:00-17:00
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