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Coinstar Money Transfer limits the time during which the recipient must take its money. As a rule, it is about 30-40 days. Today "Coinstar Money Transfer" is recognized as the third system of remittances in the world in terms of network of agents and the number of participating countries. Company BPC and company Coinstar Money Transfer announced the implementation of innovative solution for the organization of intrabank and international money transfers for individuals - SmartVista MoneyTransfer. E-payment service Coinstar E-Payment, a division of Coinstar Money Transfer, entered into an agreement with the companies offering prepaid cards for Facebook and MySpace, as well as for the popular massively multiplayer online games.

Posta Moldovei - Horjesti Br (USD), Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Horjesti, MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA

Agent Contacts
Posta Moldovei - Horjesti Br (USD), Horjesti Horjesti. +373 (269) 3-72-33 M-F 8:00-17:00
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