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On June 1, 2007 the system "Travelex Money Transfer" has been changed its name to "Coinstar Money Transfer". Today "Coinstar Money Transfer" is recognized as the third system of remittances in the world in terms of network of agents and the number of participating countries. Coinstar transfers cost in one and a half or two times cheaper than the Westren Union and MoneyGram. Money transfers via Coinstar Money Transfer are made in U.S. dollars and Euro, without opening an account to the Client. The receiver produces to the bank the original of identification card and Coinstar money transfer control number. Client can add a remittance of Coinstar Money Transfer with a small message. This service provided free of charge by the system. Transfers of Coinstar Money Transfer are lightning fast. Transfer can be claimed from the time when it was given a unique number. The company BSS together with the Company Coinstar Eurasia announced the establishment of a joint venture BSS Global.

Posta Moldovei - Horjesti Br (EUR), Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Horjesti, MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA

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Posta Moldovei - Horjesti Br (EUR), Horjesti Horjesti. +373 (269) 3-72-33 M-F 8:00-17:00
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