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Services "Coinstar Money Transfer" are available in more than 10,000 representative offices in 80 countries at affordable prices. Company BPC and company Coinstar Money Transfer announced the implementation of innovative solution for the organization of intrabank and international money transfers for individuals - SmartVista MoneyTransfer. Number of countries and service pointsof Coinstar Money Transfer is constantly increasing. The system "Coinstar Money Transfer" allows to transfer money in U.S. dollars and Euro in most countries of the world. Money transfers via "Coinstar Money Transfer" guarantee confidence, speed and convenience. Client can add a remittance of Coinstar Money Transfer with a small message. This service provided free of charge by the system.

Alliance Bank - Shayan Br (EUR), Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Shayan, KAZAKHSTAN

Agent Contacts
Alliance Bank - Shayan Br (EUR), Shayan Abay str.. +7 (3254) 82-23-28 M-F 9:00-19:00 Sa 9:00-16:00
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