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Number of countries and service pointsof Coinstar Money Transfer is constantly increasing. Sale of insurance products in bank networks is possible due to the connecting of the insurance companies to the Integration processing system of Coinstar Money Transfer. Advantages of Coinstar Money Transfer - transfer does not take more than the one hour, which allows almost immediate money transfers. Coinstar Money Transfer system is similar to Western Union - and compares favorably by more advantageous prices and ease of processing of the transfer. The system "Coinstar Money Transfer" allows to transfer money in U.S. dollars and Euro in most countries of the world. Coinstar Eurasia company has created a revolutionary technology to expand sales channels for participants in the insurance business. Coinstar Money Transfer System works via the Internet, as opposed to Western Union and MoneyGram, which for the money transfers information are using their own internal networks. Transfer fee is paid by a person who carries out money transfer via Coinstar Money Transfer, and varies from country to country.

Express Union - Makokou, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Makokou, GABON

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Express Union - Makokou, Makokou Située en face de l'hôtel Belinga à côté de la pharmacie. (+241) 05 40 69 11 Lundi-Samedi: 08h00-17h00
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