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Coinstar Money Transfer limits the time during which the recipient must take its money. As a rule, it is about 30-40 days. Company BPC and company Coinstar Money Transfer announced the implementation of innovative solution for the organization of intrabank and international money transfers for individuals - SmartVista MoneyTransfer. Number of countries and service pointsof Coinstar Money Transfer is constantly increasing. Advantages of Coinstar Money Transfer - transfer does not take more than the one hour, which allows almost immediate money transfers. Unclaimed for a year Coinstar money transfers are returned to the sender on request. To date, Coinstar Money Transfer controls the agency network of more than 16,500 locations in more than 135 countries around the world. Coinstar Money Transfer works as follows: The client has to come to the branch office of the agent bank, the money will be transferred in minutes. Money transfers via "Coinstar Money Transfer" guarantee confidence, speed and convenience. Transfer fee is paid by a person who carries out money transfer via Coinstar Money Transfer, and varies from country to country. The benefits of remittances Coinstar Money Transfer: the recipient does not incur any expenses.

FIFFA - EDEA, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Edea, CAMEROON

Agent Contacts
FIFFA - EDEA, Edea Petit Jean Cold Store Building. +237 77 09 21 48 Mon-Fri 8:30-15:00 Sat 10:00-15:00Su 10:00-15:00
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