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Sale of insurance products in bank networks is possible due to the connecting of the insurance companies to the Integration processing system of Coinstar Money Transfer. Money transfers via Coinstar Money Transfer are made in U.S. dollars and Euro, without opening an account to the Client. The receiver produces to the bank the original of identification card and Coinstar money transfer control number. E-payment service Coinstar E-Payment, a division of Coinstar Money Transfer, entered into an agreement with the companies offering prepaid cards for Facebook and MySpace, as well as for the popular massively multiplayer online games. Unclaimed for a year Coinstar money transfers are returned to the sender on request. Money transfers by Coinstar Money Transfer - this product is designed to meet the latest technical solutions in the Internet - technologies that allows you to transfer money quickly, safely and cheaply. Money transfers via "Coinstar Money Transfer" guarantee confidence, speed and convenience. Company SoftCase and Coinstar Money Transfer announce a joint venture, which has already started the production of automated banking offices. Transfer fee is paid by a person who carries out money transfer via Coinstar Money Transfer, and varies from country to country. System belongs to a very powerful financial corporations Coinstar, which is one of the world's developed processing companies and is engaged in addition to money transfers in travelers checks (Tomas Cook, and VISA), plastic cards, tax refunds and other financial services.

Pameer retail, Coinstar Money Transfer Locations Merksem, BELGIUM

Agent Contacts
Pameer retail, Merksem Bredabaan 589. 2170 Merksem 0032 486 36 48 15 Mon - Sun / Tuesday closed
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